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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to our application.

Thank you for downloading the Application provided by the platform Development Team.

By downloading, installing and / or using the Application, you acknowledge and agree that you have read carefully, understood, accepted and agreed to all Terms and Conditions without exception.

These Terms and Conditions are an agreement between you and the platform Development Team. To be able to use Application Services, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions.

We have a variety of Services so that we have the right to include or impose additional requirements (including age requirements) related to certain Services, where additional requirements are part of the Service and will be subject to and bound by these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to change, add, subtract, replace, adjust, and / or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time (in whole or in part). Any changes, additions, subtractions, replacements, adjustments and / or modifications made from time to time to the Terms and Conditions, we will list in this Application. For that you are required to from time to time read the Terms and Conditions that we provide in the Application.

We are a Digital Technology System Service Provider in the form of a Digital Asset Crypto Storage Application as well as a platform provider for most of the Services (as defined below) provided by us and service providers who work with us.

You understand and agree that all risks arising from the use of the Service or any use of your Account and / or PIN are entirely your responsibility and you will not submit any claims to us.

These Terms and Conditions apply to you and to Transactions or to the use of the Service by or through your Account wherever you are, both in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and in other countries.


"Agreement" is an agreement or agreement between one party (the surrender) and another party (who accepts) to carry out an act.

"Account" or "Your Account" means every account (in the form of virtual accounts or other forms) that we create for you on the Application that you can use to access, use and / or enjoy the Service and to record, monitor and / or view all transactions and / or activities that you carry out through or using the Application including the Balance amount on the Account;

"INACOIN.ASIA Platform" is a website of inacoin platform you enter and usedwisely based on these Terms and Conditions, issued by the platform Development Team.

"Data" means any data, information and / or information in any form that from time to time (including when you download the Application) you submit to (Us / Service Providers) or that you specify or submit in, on or through the Application including but not limited to (a) name, email, mobile number, nationality, type of identity, identity number, date of birth, place of birth, gender, address according to the identity card (address, kelurahan, kecamatan, kabupaten / kota) , zip code, religion, marital status, occupation, citizenship, period of identity, correspondence address (address, village, sub-district, district / city), NPWP, biological mother's maiden name, family information (father's name and spouse's name), and contact emergency (including family name, address, telephone / mobile number) and (b) data generated or obtained from using Services, Applications and / or Accounts.

"We" are the platform Development Team (ICC) that has the brand or trademark "INACOIN and / or INACOIN CASH" and / or others.

"Claim" means reprimand, rebuttal, claim, claim, claim, loss, investigation, consequences, legal process, case, dispute, confiscation, collateral and / or encumbrance in any form, anywhere and from any party, including but not limited from you or from your husband, wife, children and / or heirs.

"Service" means every service, program, service, product, feature, system, facility and / or service provided and / or offered by us in or through the Application.

"Customer Service is a customer service center function for users who can be contacted via telephone calls, chat, email and / or other services.

"License" is the serial number needed to be able to subscribe to applications with special types and features for Business Partners.

"QR Code" is a Quick Response Code application users as a tool to facilitate transactions selling in the use of the application that is valid for life and can be inherited.

"One-time Transaction Password (OTP)" means a dynamic password sent to the cellphone number of the holder of the Application which aims to secure the account from misuse without your knowledge by sending a notification to your cell phone to request approval.

"Users" are individuals and / or legal entities registered with the platform and / or Service.

"Service Provider" means one or more parties appointed by us or who have cooperation with us for the supply, operation and / or management of applications and / or services.

"PIN" means a series of numbers, codes, letters and / or secret symbols (or a combination of a series of numbers, codes, letters and / or secret symbols) that we will inform you of for security of access and / or use of your account;

"System" means all systems, devices (both hardware and software), networks, servers, connections (including internet connections), connectivity, infrastructure and other devices, facilities and infrastructure that are built, manufactured, managed and / or operated for use and / or the provision of Applications and Services.

"Terms and Conditions" means these Terms and Conditions and any changes, additions, replacements, adjustments and / or modifications made from time to time.

"Transaction" means all transactions, activities, activities and / or actions carried out in or through the Application, Account and / or PIN including the use of Services or certain features in the Service or Application.


When using the application, you as a User agree to the Wakalah agreement with us, where the User knowingly agrees to represent us to be able to use payment and or purchase services through the application.

When making a top up transaction or withdrawing digital asset transaction, you as the User knowingly agree to leave your digital assets with us, which will then be used to send transactions between users and / or platforms on the application.


The following requirements must be met in order to use the platform:

aged 17 years or older;

if you are less than 17 years old, then all agreements and / contracts must be made by the Parents / Guardians registered through the application and all commissions and bonuses will be accumulated to the Parents / Guardians as Beneficial Owners.

have legal skills or be able to carry out legal actions according to applicable regulations;

Indonesian citizens (proven by having a ID CARD / DRIVING LICENSE / Passport) or foreign citizens who are not US Citizens and US Related Business (as evidenced by Passport & ID CARD).

Individual users who are legal representatives of legal entities (Company, cooperatives, and foundations) must complete the documents that needed.

By downloading the Application and registering, you agree and acknowledge that you have given us irrevocable instructions to:

Open one or more accounts where the number of accounts that we will open for you depends on the number or types of services available where we can open them in our system and / or other parties that work with us. You hereby acknowledge and agree that any Account that We open for you remains your property for which each use is bound by the Terms and Conditions.

You also authorize us to be able to carry out transactions as you have instructed both topping up, transferring funds, purchasing and / or payment.

You acknowledge that digital assets in the platform are not deposits according to the Banking Act guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS).

Registration can only be done with the Mobile Application and the entire process will be completed through the Mobile Application. Thus, (prospective) users must have a smartphone and have an active and valid mobile number in order to receive SMS (Short Messages Service) and / or OTP sent by us.

As part of the registration and / or upgrading process, ID CARD / DRIVING LICENSE / Passport / other requirements information must be uploaded and submitted to us using a smartphone camera with a Mobile Application. NPWP information can also be submitted using the same procedure, but is only optional during the registration process.

As a prerequisite, prospective Users must provide their own active email address that has sufficient capacity to receive messages sent by us. We are not responsible for the validity, ownership, activity and capacity of the email address.

In the process of registering or creating an account, we have the right to verify the data and can ask you to fulfill additional requirements including asking you to sign your signature on other forms or documents that will be provided or given to you by our officers or officers who We appoint and / or by sending the signature digitally to us. In such case, you are obliged to put your signature on the form or document and return the form or document that contains your signature to us and / or the officer who provided you with the form or document.

For security in transactions besides the verification code, we will also inform your PIN number that you must remember at all times if you will use the Service or make a Transaction.

The PIN is a private and confidential code, and the authority to use it is only yours. You must secure your PIN by:

not notifying the PIN to, and keeping a PIN from, another person or party under any circumstances and for any reason;

be careful when using a PIN so that it is not seen, known or read by other people or parties;

periodically changing PINs that are only done and known to you; and

does not record or store a PIN that can be read, accessed or known by other people or parties.

In the event that you know or suspect the PIN has been known or used by a person or party other than you, then you must immediately make security by changing your PIN, by selecting the PIN change menu in your Account.

All orders and Transactions based on your use of your PIN and / or Account either by you or by any person or party including by unauthorized parties are entirely your responsibility and responsibility.

The use of a PIN and / or Account has legal force and therefore you hereby agree and declare that the use of a PIN and / or Account in every order for Transactions on your Account also constitutes full, irrevocable and unconditional granting of power, rights and authority. from you to us to carry out the Transaction ordered, including but not limited to debiting the account balance that is still available in your account.

The account will accept and execute every order or Transaction that is given based on the use of a PIN and you hereby declare and agree that the order will be deemed as a valid order from you and binds you. All transactions made using or through your account and / or PIN will be considered as valid orders from you and will be used as valid evidence even if no written documents or documents signed by you are made. For this reason, we have no obligation in any form to examine, investigate, verify, ascertain and / or examine the authenticity, truth or validity, authority and / or use of your Account and / or PIN, or to assess or prove the accuracy or completeness of the order.

After you fulfill all activation requirements as stated in the Application and in the Terms and Conditions, we will create an account for you.

Furthermore, you can save money for payments using the INACOIN CASH digital asset topup channel. These payment instruments can be used to make payment transactions to Merchants.

Before conducting a transaction with the digital asset feature, the User will go through an authentication process using 2FA (two factor authentication) security. If the transaction is successful and validated, then for the next transaction, the User can simply authorize the card transaction using the platform PIN.

The balance value contained in your digital asset payment instrument data, can also be transferred funds to all existing funds using the channel of funds transfer providers that have collaborated with us.

You can close and end your digital asset payment instrument service at any time.

You can only access or use services, applications and / or accounts or make transactions in accordance with the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Services, Applications or Accounts are not available or cannot be used for (a) persons or parties who are not capable according to law to do legal actions or to make or enter into an agreement; or (b) a person or party who, based on applicable laws and regulations, is prohibited from downloading the Application or using the Service or Account or to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Every order that you approve or which is made or carried out through or by using an Account and / or PIN will be stored in our electronic data center or system, and therefore we will consider it as proof of valid orders from you to carry out transactions and / or activities that you command.

Every order from an Account or request for use of the Service will be sent electronically and stored in our electronic data center, System and / or in other forms, including but not limited to written documents, notes, computer print outs and / or copies, where each - and all such forms of storage constitute valid evidence. You hereby agree and commit yourself not to submit claims in any form and under any circumstances whatsoever for the validity, truth, authenticity and / or validity of the evidence.

We have the right to refuse User's orders based on his own policies which are considered to be true and good, if the User is proven to violate the provisions in the terms and conditions set by Us on this Account Registration Form or other written document that is officially issued by Us. User Instructions can only be canceled and / or changed if the transaction on the instruction has not yet obtained approval from us.


The platform of inacoin with website based that connecting with Cicoin application

You will be asked to authorize instructions by using different types of security information (for example Security Code, username, password, e-mail, cellphone number) if needed.

After authorizing and verifying, INACOIN CASH will carry out instructions according to your instructions, you are required to ensure that you do not share your security information with others.

INACOIN CASH ensures that the confidentiality and security of the personal information you provide is maintained. We will use your data in accordance with applicable regulations.

You can inquire or give us feedback through our Customer Service at the email contact provided in the platform.



Wallet Balance (INA/ICC) is a wallet address that likely only function to be the receiver and can not use to transfer, receive referral bonus and the coin that stored here can be use to join mining and/or staking program


Wallet Withdrawal (INA/ICC) is a wallet address that has sender function, the coins you have here can be used to transfer to other ina/fcc wallet in the same or other platform, this wallet also receive the results of your mining or staking program


INA Mining is a program for users to mine INA with the nominal and the speed of acquisition of the results indicated where the results and times will change progressively following the movement of the remaining stock and price of the INA itself


FCC Staking is a program for users to become FCC stakeholders with a nominal, earned results and time that has been informed both in the application


You hereby acknowledge and agree that all Data is recorded in Our System. Thus you hereby acknowledge and agree and authorize us to (both alone and by appointing or cooperating with one or more other parties) fully collect, use, manage, analyze, process, store, access, inform, inform, share, and share / or submit part or all of the Data to any party (including but not limited to Service Providers, our affiliates or other parties who have cooperation or agreements with us), as well as to take any action on the Data, including but not limited for the purposes of: ( a) provision, delivery and / or improvement of Services; (b) use of the Application; (c) registration of your participation as a user or customer of the Application or Service and services provided on or through the Application; (d) administering, processing and / or managing the Account (including among others for the purposes of verification, validation and / or Transaction management); (e) research on application user demographic data; (f) application development and / or renewal; (g) delivery of information that we find useful to you including information about the Service and / or Application as well as information regarding System updates (or any part thereof); and / or (h) development, improvement, renewal, replacement and / or provision of Services, Systems and / or Applications.

You hereby declare, guarantee and acknowledge expressly and irrevocably that Submission of Data to Us as referred to in item 1 above does not violate your rights or the rights of any person or party including but not limited to the intellectual property rights of you or that person or any party.

You promise not to take any action that may cause us to not provide the information above. For this purpose, you hereby also release us from all losses and lawsuits that may be suffered by you as a result of the delivery of information about you to the parties mentioned above by us. The approval and power of attorney given by you to us cannot be withdrawn as long as you do online transactions with us that can legally be carried out by us without the need for additional letters of approval and power of attorney from the applicant.

The provisions of items 1, 2 and 3 above still apply and bind you and us even though the Service, Application, Account and / or Terms and Conditions have ended.


You can only access or use the Application, Service and / or System: (a) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; (b) for lawful purposes; and (c) is not used for the purpose or act of fraud, violation of the law, crime or other actions, activities, actions or purposes that violate or contravene the law, applicable laws and regulations or the rights or interests of any party. You are solely responsible for checking and ensuring that you have downloaded the correct software for your device. We are not responsible if you do not have a device compatible with the System or Application or if you have downloaded the wrong software version for your device.

You are prohibited from using Services, Applications and / or Accounts or conducting Transactions: (a) for purposes, activities, activities or actions that violate the law or violate rights or interests (including Intellectual Property Rights or privacy rights of any party); (b) which has material or elements that are dangerous or that harms any party; (c) containing software viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other dangerous computer code, files, scripts, agents or programs; and (d) that disturbs the integrity or performance of the System and / or Application.

You are prohibited from taking any action including in or through the Application or Account and are prohibited from conducting Transactions that can damage or disturb the reputation of the Customer and / or Service Provider.

You hereby expressly agree and declare and guarantee that:

You are an individual who is legally competent to take legal action under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia including to bind yourself to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not meet these requirements, we reserve the right at any time to deactivate or terminate the use of an account, service and / or application, both temporarily and permanently;

You have the right, authority and capacity to use the Service and Account and to implement all of the Terms and Conditions;

If you register or download the Application on behalf of a legal entity, civil partnership or other party, you hereby declare and guarantee that you have the legal capacity, rights and authority to act for and on behalf of the legal entity, civil association or other party including but not limited to binding legal entities, civil partnerships or other parties to comply with the entire contents of the Terms and Conditions;

You have read the entire contents of the Terms and Conditions and have understood and understood the entire contents of these Terms and Conditions and are therefore committed to voluntarily submit to and implement all of these Terms and Conditions;

You guarantee that the funds used in the context of non-funds transactions originating from criminal acts are prohibited based on the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia, opening this account is not intended and / or intended in an effort to commit non-criminal money laundering in accordance with the provisions of the regulations legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia, transactions are not carried out for the purpose of deceiving, obscuring, or avoiding reporting to the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) based on statutory provisions in force in the Republic of Indonesia, and you are fully responsible and release We of all claims, claims, or compensation in any form, if you commit a crime of money laundering based on the provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia;

All data whether you have submitted or stated or will be submitted or stated at a later date or from time to time is true, complete, accurate, current and not misleading and does not violate rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights) or interests any party. Submission of Data by You to Us or through an Application or System does not conflict with applicable law and does not violate deeds, agreements, contracts, agreements or other documents to which you are a party or to which you or your assets are bound;

The Service, Application or Account will be used for your own benefit or for the benefit of a legal entity, business entity, civil partnership or other party that you lawfully represent as referred to in letter c above;

You will not give the right, authority and / or power in any form and under any circumstances to any other person or party to use Data, Accounts and / or PINs, and you for any reason and under no circumstances will and are prohibited from transferring the Account to any person or party; and

In or when using the Service, Application and / or Account, you agree to comply with and implement all applicable laws and regulations including laws and regulations in your home country or country or city where you are.

By carrying out transactions through the INACOIN CASH Mobile Application, you understand that all communications and instructions from you received by us will be treated as solid evidence even though they were not made in the form of written documents or published in the form of signed documents, and as such, you agree to replace losses and release us from all losses, responsibilities, demands and expenses (including litigation costs) that can arise related to the execution of your instructions.


We provide services as "as is" or "as is". We do not provide statements or guarantees of any kind.

You acknowledge and agree that We have the right to block and / or close your Account and / or services / facilities if: a.) We understand and have sufficient reasons to state that there has been or will be financial or criminal manipulation related to the service / digital asset facilities; b.) Users provide invalid / incomplete data to us; c.) There is a written request from the Police, Attorney General's Office, Court, Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK), Tax Office or other authorized institutions in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. d.) The user uses data and / or has elements of sara, race and pornography.

You hereby acknowledge that the Services, Applications, Accounts and / or Systems may or may experience, have or have limitations, delays, and / or other problems including those caused due to or in connection with (a) network unavailability or limitations (including internet networks) and / or use or (b) unavailability, disruption or non-functioning of certain features on the device you are using. We are not responsible for any delays, delays, failures, disruptions or failures of a Transaction caused by the foregoing.

You hereby acknowledge that there is a possibility: (a) The System or Application (or any part of the System or Application) is unstable, interrupted, stopped, does not work properly, does not work properly and / or has some bugs; and / or (b) Services (or certain features or parts) are subject to change, are not available, and for that reason you agree not to file a claim with us.

We are under no circumstances responsible for any Claims from any party including you or for your loss and any party that occurs as a result of or in connection with:

Data loss; loss of income, profits or other income; loss, damage or injury arising from, or in connection with your use of the Application, Service and / or Account or for your inability or error in using the Service, Application and / or Account; or

claims or lawsuits experienced by you that may arise as a result of the delivery of information from you that is incomplete or due to non-implementation of your instructions, including cancellation, change of instructions (for instructions that have not been carried out) submitted to us, unless the loss occurs due Our intentional mistakes or negligence.

You hereby agree and commit ourselves to free us from all claims in any form and anywhere in the event that we are unable to carry out, continue or continue the Transactions or orders or instructions from you through the Application or Account, either in part or in whole, caused by events - events or things beyond our control or ability, including but not limited to: (a) any interference with computer viruses; (b) Trojan horse system; (c) components or systems that can harm and disrupt the Application, Service and / or Account; (d) Internet Service Provider services or services or other third party services available on the Service; and / or (e) natural disasters, war, riots, malfunctioning equipment, systems or transmissions, power failures, telecommunications disruptions, government policies, banking system failures and other events or causes beyond power or ability We.

You hereby agree and commit yourself to release us from any and all claims in any form, from any party and anywhere that is submitted, arises or occurs in connection with or as a result of:

our use of Data in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or based on the agreement, acknowledgment, authority, power and / or rights that you have given us in these Terms and Conditions;

data provided by you to us or in or through this application that you do by: (i) violates or violates any applicable law or regulation; (ii) violates the rights (including intellectual property rights) of or belongs to any person or party; or (iii) violates any contract, collaboration, agreement, deed, statement, determination, decision and / or document to which you are a party or to which you or your assets are bound;

unauthorized use of the Application, Account and / or Service (i); (ii) violates applicable law; (iii) violates these Terms and Conditions; and / or (iv) for acts or purposes of fraud, crime, illegitimate acts or other acts of violation of the law.

You hereby agree and commit yourself to compensate for all losses that we have experienced and replace all costs, costs, expenses and expenses that we have or may incur or pay in connection with or as a result of claims as referred to in items 6, 8 and 9 above (including but not limited to legal service fees that we pay or incur to conduct a defense or other necessary action related to the Claim).

You hereby agree that We will be acquitted of all claims, if We are unable to carry out your instructions, either partially or wholly due to events or causes that are beyond our control or ability, including but not limited to natural disasters, warfare, riots, hardware conditions, electronic or transmission infrastructure system failures, power disruptions, telecommunications disruptions, clearing system failures or other matters determined by Bank Indonesia or other authorized institutions.

After an event that causes us to be unable to carry out instructions from the end of the user, we will resume the instruction within a period of time in accordance with applicable provisions regarding Crypto Digital Assets


All Systems and Applications are included in all: (a) the layout, design and appearance of the Application contained in or displayed on your Application media; (b) logos, photos, images, names, brands, words, letters, numbers, text and color arrangements contained in the Application; and (c) the combination of the elements referred to in letters (a) and (b), is entirely our Intellectual Property Rights.

You are prohibited from using any method and under any circumstances using our Intellectual Property Rights as referred to in point 1 above, without our prior written consent.


We reserve the right to: (i) not carry out orders from you; (ii) not continue or not continue or limit the Transaction; (iii) stop, suspend or deactivate the use of Accounts, Services or Applications; and / or (iv) terminate or suspend your membership as an Application user, for each of the above conditions either temporarily, for a specified period of time or thereafter based on our judgment or decision which we consider good, if one or more conditions below:

based on our own judgment, decisions and / or considerations, we know or suspect that an or will occur or use the Account, PIN, Application and / or Service for the purpose of fraud, criminal purpose, criminal action and / or for the purpose, reason, action or other activities that violate the laws or regulations of the Republic of Indonesia and other countries;

based on our own judgment, decisions and / or considerations (a) We are aware of or suspect that an improper Transaction has occurred, and / or (b) the number of Transactions using or through an Account and / or PIN in one day exceeds the number or fairness of the Transaction, each as determined by Us;

based on our own judgment, decision and / or consideration, you have violated one or more of the Terms and Conditions;

some or all data is incorrect, incomplete, false, fictitious and / or misleading, provides incorrect information and / or news and / or issues and negative impacts that are not in accordance with applicable facts, sell prices that are not appropriate (before being registered in external blockchain global market)

then the email or telephone address that you provide or use for use on our Application or Service for conducting Transactions will be blocked;

You have not completed the process or requirements as stipulated in the applicable legal provisions and / or laws and regulations;

We are updating, maintaining, changing, upgrading, adjusting, replacing and / or other actions on the Application, Service and / or System (or any part of it) and for that we are not obligated to take responsibility for anyone; and / or

You die or a company, business entity, legal entity or civil partnership that you represent is declared or filed for bankruptcy or liquidation or is in a state of bankruptcy or liquidation.

You hereby agree to waive the provisions of Article 1266 paragraph (2) and (3) of the Civil Code so that the Terms and Conditions, Applications and / or Services can be terminated (either in part or in full, temporarily or continuously) in accordance with the Terms and Provisions without the need for a decision or determination from a court judge.

If the account has ended or closed or if the service or application has ended or terminated by us.

If the termination of an Account, Service or Application is caused by a violation that you have committed to one or more of the Terms and Conditions, then the remaining balance on the Account will be entirely our right and you agree and bind not to ask for a refund, payment, replacement and / or compensation in the form of anything to us.

You agree to commit yourself and not take any action that can limit, hinder and / or reduce one or more of our rights and / or authorities based on these Terms and Conditions or applicable law.


These Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted based on the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

All disputes or disputes arising in connection with or relating to matters set out in the Terms and Conditions (or parts thereof) including disputes caused by the existence or conduct of unlawful acts or violations of one or more of these Terms and Conditions ("Disputes" ) must be completed in the following way:

Either you or we ("the First Party") must submit written notice to the other party ("the Second Party") of the dispute ("Dispute Notification"). Disputes must be settled by consensus in no later than 90 (ninety) calendar days from the date of Dispute Notification ("Deliberation Settlement Period");

If a Dispute cannot be resolved by consensus until the end of the Deliberation Period, the First Party and the Second Party must jointly appoint a third party ("Mediator") as the mediator to settle the Dispute and the appointment must be set forth in a written form signed jointly by First Party and Second Party. The mediation process by the Mediator must be carried out in Indonesia;

Dispute Settlement through mediators must be made no later than 90 (ninety) calendar days from the date of appointment of the Mediator ("First Mediation Settlement Period"). In the event that a Dispute still cannot be resolved until the end of the First Mediation Settlement Period, the First Mediation Settlement Period will automatically be extended for the next 90 (ninety) calendar days ("Second Mediation Settlement Period");

In the event that a Dispute cannot be resolved until the end of the Second Mediation Settlement Period, the First Party or Second Party may submit a dispute settlement through arbitration in Indonesia based on the National Sharia Arbitration Board (BASYARNAS) regulations and the arbitration session will be held in Indonesia. Arbitration awards are final and binding;

You are obliged to bear all costs, fees and expenses of each party that has or may be paid by each party for the settlement of a Dispute (including but not limited to costs, fees and expenses for attending an arbitral tribunal and to prepare and file any defense , claims, claims, information, evidence, information and / or any documents in the course of implementation or during the process of arbitration proceedings) until a final and binding arbitration award is concluded;

Unless required by applicable law or requested on request, a decision or official determination issued, issued or made by a court or government authority, during the process of dispute resolution as provided above until there is a legal, final and binding decision of the First Party and Second Party, the First Party and Second Party must keep all information related to the Dispute and its settlement process confidential and therefore prohibited from in any way informing, notifying or announcing to any party the existence of the Dispute or its settlement process including but not limited to through the mass media (newspapers television or other media) and / or social media. If you violate the provisions of item (f), you hereby acknowledge and agree that all or part of your rights to use the Service, Application, Account and / or PIN can be terminated or deactivated by Us at any time both for a while and for so on.


The nominal amount transferred must match the total transfer listed.

We will not process shipments if the transfer amount does not match the total transfer requested and / or provided.

For shipments that are canceled due to an incorrect transfer amount or have passed the delivery deadline, refunds will take 1 - 14 business days.

We strongly recommend that you always check your refill details or transfer your digital assets carefully before making a transaction. Thus, there will be no transaction errors so you do not need to cancel the transaction that has been done. It should be noted that transactions can only be canceled if they have not been processed.

We will not process transactions that have not been confirmed.

If we have reason to believe there are indications of fraud in the activity of payment / transfer of funds that occur on your account, we will freeze your account. You will lose access to your account during the investigation process.

We depend on a number of third parties such as Blockchain and other Partners to investigate. However, we will do our best to complete the investigation as soon as possible.

The return of your access rights to your account depends on the results of our and third party investigations.

We have the right to suspend a transaction if the transaction is deemed suspicious or / and meets the criteria for money laundering set by Bank Indonesia.

We do not have a cooperative relationship with the sender or recipient of the transaction. Everything that happens between the two, other than suspicious transactions, is not the responsibility of the platform Development Team.


For any problems relating to Transactions, Services and / or Accounts, you can ask for help on or from Our Customer Service on the contact listed on the application.

All agreements, powers, authorities and / or rights that you have given us in these Terms and Conditions cannot be terminated for any reason, including for reasons as referred to in Articles 1813, 1814 and 1816 of the Civil Code while you are still use the Service or Application or still use and / or have an Account.

You hereby release us from all claims relating to the implementation of all our actions based on the power, authority and / or rights that you give us in or based on the Terms and Conditions and the exercise of our rights or authorities based on the Terms and Conditions.