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Cicoin is a global accessible - decentralized platform of Crypto Digital Asset as a future choice for Financial Technology with a low fees of peer to peer, fast transaction , reliable security and innovation.

About Cicoin

Created and developed from March 2018 as a spin-off or altcoin, which began to be introduced to the society since May 2018

With its unique transaction system and technology, Cicoin became a well known Crypto Digital Asset around the nation and already have a few platforms to grows together in order to gain the Vision and Mission of Cicoin itself with the stakeholder support.

As the time goes by when the supply of Cicoin spread around in a certain limit the Blockchain system automatically separated (SegWit) and created the HardFork, Cicoin Cash in early August 2019


Increase Nation’s Economic Prosperity and bring Cicoin as CryptoExchange forward to Global with Blockchain Technology


Become known as highly trusted and secured Crypto Digital Asset, also can be equal or more with its Pioneer - Bitcoin

Best Features


Transacts in no time


Hassleless without congestion


Peer to Peer globally for pennies


No third parties


Provides info that you need


Using X11 Blockchain Technology

Specification & Concept

We have unix specification and a lot of program that could follow for your opportunity

Networking ON
Staking END
Mining ON
Trading ON

Networking ON
Staking ON
Trading coming soon


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